Tack Strip was invented in the United States by Roy Roberts, founder of the Roberts branded floor covering companies in the 1930’s. Roy Roberts was a pioneer in the floor covering industry by inventing and launching tools to make it easier to install and stretch carpet. Arguably, tack strip and tufting machines were the two “killer” applications that revolutionized carpet installation to what it is today, the most popular floor covering in the United States.

The story we inherited was that Roy got the idea of tack strip from watching his wife hang curtains over a similar strip of wood with nails. This was the customary way to hang curtains in the 1930’s. Roy thought that if he used a similar strip of wood with nails facing up and at an angle, he could stretch carpet from one side of the room to the other. This allowed for a much easier method than having to tack nails through the top of carpet and stretch. Prior to tack strip, most carpet was either loose laid or “turned and tucked”

In the years since tack strip was invented it has radically changed as more and more manufacturers began producing their versions once the patents expired. Over the past decade, however, global consolidation by few companies has stifled competition and quality.

We felt that going back to the beginning was a good idea to start so we decided it was time to bring back the old original tack strip and reintroduced the old brand GRIPPER EDGE® that had been forgotten by all except the older mechanics that still stretch carpet.

Our mission is simple… We manufacture the best commercial grade tack strip in the world.

We might not be the biggest tack strip manufacturer and distributor in the United States and Canada, but we certainly are the fastest growing…